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                Hello! Welcome to Shandong Longchi Tianxia Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd!
                Hotline:+86 18888266178 / +86 17806380738
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                National investment hotline: +86 18888266178

                Longchi Tianxia self service car washing machine Change the way of car washing

                Self service car washing mode is the mainstream of car washing Market in the future, and it is the general trend. At present, it is in the key period of industrial layout. Business opportunities are fleeting. Seize the opportunity and make great achievements!

                One stop service provider of unmanned car washing machine

                Wash on arrival, no need to wait Quick cleaning saves time Transparent consumption, intelligent human nature Wechat quick payment

                About us

                About us

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                    Shandong Longchi Tianxia Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, at the foot of the beautiful Mount Tai. It is a professional manufacturer of car washing equipment integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company's product development, adhere to customer demand-oriented, to create high-quality, high reliability, energy-saving and environmental protection, automation equipment as the goal, to provide services as their own responsibility, gathered a number of ......

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                Rich car washing machine category, series of products

                Recruitment of agents in all provinces of WORLD
                We focus on every detail, we have what you want! Focus on quality, integrity service
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                A good product is not afraid to be enlarged

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